Peter C. Mei - CEO/FOUNDER
  • VP Technical Marketing - Globitech
  • 15 Yrs. TI Corporate R&D
  • 10 Yrs Worldwide Technology Transfer Manager   for TI, Siemens, Infineon & GlobiTech
  • IEEE Sr. Member

H. Bruce Li, PhD, PE - CTO/FOUNDER
  • 16 Yrs. with TI Central Research Lab.
  • Innovative Technologist
  • Member of AIChE, ACS & AIP

Truman Blocker PhD – Program Manager
  • - Dr. Blocker received his bachelors degrees in Pure Mathematics Physics at the
    University of Texas, Austin; his M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics, University of Pennsylvania,
    under Alan J. Heeger, the 2000 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.  His career includes 17
    years at Texas Instruments in various technical/management roles including Manager of
    the VLSI Technology Laboratory, demonstrating 0.1 micron feature size transistor
    structures in the early 1970s.  In the 1980s and 1990s, he served as Director of
    Corporate Relations for the National Nanofabrication Facility at Cornell University and
    Director of Research Implementation at the Semicondutor Research Corporation.  His
    patents include US Pat. #3,860,879,#4,092,660, #4,030,049 and he is co-holder on
    patents for the FAA's Air Traffic Control Radar installed at major airports worldwide.

Leo Shi Young – EXECUTIVE VP, China Operation
  • Responsible for China operation
  • 26+ years of Energy Efficiency and Green Business
  • Senior member of the 2005 California trade delegation which headed by Governor
  • Currently served as an organizing committee of China's National Renewable Energy

Grant Harrell, MBA – Consultant OF BUSINESS DEV.
  • 7 Years Business Development experience
  • Business Development Specialist – Zyvex
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Experience with over (10) start-ups in Renewable Energy and Nanotechnology

  • 25+ Yrs of Mfg Finance/Accounting focus
  • Corporate Controller for major Fortune 500 companies
  • SEC filings experience including Sarbanes Oxley
  • GAAP Expert

ZK Cheng – System Solutions Consultant  
  • Esteemed 30 year career of Telecommunications
  • PhD program Walden University, Engineering Management
  • 5 US Patents owner or participants
  • Next generation wireless/5G requirements and energy collaboration program.
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